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Shira Nicole Smith is an educator, actor, author, and speaker that lives and works in Orange County, California. She currently teaches the subjects English and Drama to some very remarkable high school students.

It was while teaching Drama during the day and taking acting classes at night, that the inspiration to teach drama free living became a real thing. The epiphany was simple. If drama for the stage can be taught, then so can a drama free life!


The Drama of Being A Teen

If you know anything about being a teenager, you know that it can be filled with plenty of drama.  Minor situations, like what to wear to school could ultimately blow up and turn into World War III. Not to mention all the other obstacles and challenges teenagers face in this social media, digital driven society.

I’m so excited to introduce to you my latest book, The Drama of Being A Teen: Staggering Stories of Teenage Trauma and How to Overcome It.  It is a non-fictional self help book geared specifically for teens with a no non-sense, here is my truth, I have nothing to hide sort of approach.  Safely embedded in the pages of this book are true stories serving as a guide to the reader in order to help them take control of their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Learning how to overcome life’s obstacles will ignite a spark in your teen now that will have long lasting effects carrying over into adulthood. It is said that hindsight is 20/20. However, getting the tools you need today eliminates a cloudy future full of constant fails. So sharpen your vision and grad yourself a copy of “The Drama of Being A Teen”.  Your perfected life’s vision is just a click away.

Shira Nicole Smith is an educator and life coach who has helped countless teenagers overcome the drama associated with being a teen. For over 20 years, passion, rapport, and a positive mindset has helped her make a difference in the lives of teens. Shira has taken her love to help others outside the classroom via her books, speaking engagements, public appearances, private coaching, and blogs.  

Are You Ready For A Drama Free Life?

Everyday we decide to get ourselves out the bed, there lies the possibility for us to encounter some sort of drama. In fact, for many, getting out the bed each morning is it own battle. That’s why I’ve created a safe space for you to get a handle or your thoughts, feelings and reactions in order to live a drama free life every single day. There’s no guarantee that we can always avoid drama, so wouldn’t it be a great idea to know how to deal with it when it comes? I’ve created a safe space for you to become equipped with the proper tools to take control of your life. Let me teach you how to exterminate the pesky drama that comes  your way quickly and efficiently so that you may continue on that path of LIVING YOUR BEST DRAMA FREE LIFE.

Wishing you peace and love always,

Shira Nicole Smith

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