Shira Nicole Smith is an educator, actor, author, and speaker that lives and works in Orange County, California. She currently teaches the subjects English and Drama to some very remarkable high school students.

It was while teaching Drama during the day and taking acting classes at night, that the inspiration to teach drama free living became a real thing. The epiphany was simple. If drama for the stage can be taught, then so can a drama free life!

For over 20 years, Shira has enjoyed teaching teenagers from all walks of life while also taking the leap into Hollywood as a SAG/AFTRA actress. Both careers remain successful choices that she still enjoys today. However, while trying to juggle married life, motherhood, an entertainment career, and students whom needed to be educated and coached, Shira learned that she was most successful when the drama from her life was void and clear. As she experienced her own obstacles such as divorce, the death of her mother, single parenthood, and financial distress, Shira developed tools to pull her out from a life of hardship into a life of euphoria. Anyone who personally knows Shira could attest to her peace of mind and sustained level of happiness.

Shira now adds a new type of “drama teacher” to her career resume as the drama free teacher.  To be absent from drama is to be present with peace, and peace is a key element in getting all that is good and perfect to flow through you.

You can always connect with Shira through a variety of her social media platforms. Shira actively manages the Facebook page Parents, Teachers, and Teens, runs a youtube channel with her husband called Life with Ant and Shira, and actively interacts on Instagram @Mrs.ShiraNicole.

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To Be Absent From Drama is to be Present with Peace